Let's make something...

At GreanTea Productions we have spent the last few years working to try and perfect what we do. From photographers, filmmakers, designers and creatives, we all have a passion for wanting to find a way to show the world what we do, and who we are. So let's talk, and see how we can do that for you! 


Video Production

Want to share your story? Showcase your brand or idea? Create amazing visuals with us, and create great video content.


Photo Production

 Capture that moment, save it forever and show it to the world. Lifestyle, Product, Fashion, Food, we shoot it all!


Social Media

 Everyone will tell you that they know the quickest way to gain thousands of followers on social media. We don't. What we can do is create a brand image on social media to grow your audience organically.


Equipment Hire

We got a load of video/photo gear, want to borrow it, at reasonable rates?


Latest Work


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