If you’re a filmmaker of any kind, you’ll soon find a time where you need music in your video.

Maybe you’ll need a relaxed instrumental to add some texture behind someone speaking, or perhaps you want something with a strong backbeat to bring some energy to your shots.

Luckily, whatever you need, the internet usually has the answer.



If you’re not looking to spend a single penny, YouTube is usually your best bet, and the secret is knowing the key words to use in your search.

Typing in something like ‘Relaxed vlog music’ will find you hundreds of results, and due to the use of the word ‘Vlog,’ the majority will be copyright free. You can also simply type in ‘Copyright free music’ along with the genre/style you’re after.

You can either video convert into Mp3’s, or the Youtube video’s will link you to another website where you can download the free-to-use song directly.


Many users on Soundcloud produce music that is free to use via a ‘download’ option that is inbuilt in Soundcloud. There are thousands of great songs on soundcloud, so it’s definitely worth a browse.


If you’re making regular videos that require the use of music, I suggest investing in a service like Epidemic Sound. You pay a minimal subscription fee per month, and that grants you access to thousands of songs of every style and tempo to fit your work. They also have great ways to narrow your search down by the use of selecting specific key words such as ‘Epic’ or ‘Fear.’

When finding music, it almost always requires a little time and patience, but luckily we have so many options online that we can pretty much find anything we’re looking for.

Good luck!

How to import Lightroom presets:


Just a quick one on how to import Lightroom presets!

Both I and Grean Tea Productions sell Lightroom presets and are always getting asked what do once you have purchased these little wonders of colour.

They're wonderful tools of the editing world when it comes to giving your photo a pop of colour and they can really give a photo life and soul.

Both MAC and Windows are both very similar when lit comes to actually download a preset.

I’ll start with MAC first seeing as this seems the majority of us use one these days when using Lightroom or Photoshop.


1. Open Lightroom

2. Go to: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets

3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder

4. Double click on Lightroom

5. Double click on Develop Presets

6. Copy the folder(s) of your presets into Develop Presets folder

7. Restart Lightroom


1. Open Lightroom

2. Go to: Edit • Preferences • Presets

3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder

4. Double click on Lightroom

5. Double click on Develop Presets

6. Copy the folder(s) of your presets into the Develop Presets folder

7. Restart Lightroom


If you want to have a go at making your own presets head to the same place that you saw “import preset” and just above you will find “create preset”

Once you have finished editing a photo of your choice, click “create preset” and WALAH! Name it something memorable and you have made your first preset!

I will be posting another blog post up over the next few weeks with a beginners guide to creating a preset and using Lightroom so stay tuned!


Producer/Accountant Manager

When is the best time to post on social media?


It’s a question everyone asks. Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, you’re always looking to hit the jackpot when posting.

So when is the best time to post on social media?

It is different for every niche so it's worth looking into who your target audience before you go posting at silly hour O’clock.

Let’s use the young professional as an example.

Research suggests that these are between the age of 18 and 40. Their general likes are; Fashion, travel, business growth, food, and fitness. Therefore, posting at commuter times and/ or lunchtime should give you the most attention on social media because that's when this demographic is most active. I. E. On the train to and from work or at lunch.

Since Instagram's algorithm has changed, there has been a huge debate on when really is the best time to post so it's really quite difficult to sit here and tell you to post at 3 pm every single day and that your followers will definitely see it.

Here are Lauren’s top tips:

1. Know your niche. Know who’s following you and work out when they are going to be most active.

2. Create eye-catching content! It's no good putting up a rushed grainy photo. Take your time to get that epic shot!

3. Check your insights: If you’re in business mode, you should be if you are an influencer or brand, it is a great way to methodize your posting. Look at when has been your most active period on Instagram and trial posting at these times.

4. Use relevant hashtags but don’t overdo it. This could get you shadowbanned. *Shadow banned: When Instagram shadows you from the likes and view of anyone who isn’t following you. A complete annoyance.

5. Announce that you will be posting! Utilizing the story feature at the top of everyone's newsfeed is the best way to get noticed. Use this tool to announce that you will be posting shortly…

And there we have it! Lauren’s top tips on when you should post on social media!


Content is key!!

Our business is creating content, from stills, video, audio and graphics. We do it everyday for our clients and we love it!

For us it’s about telling a story, and showcasing it to the world. With the rapid growth of social media and the internet it’s now more easy to start building a brand or tell a story than ever before.

But it’s all about the content, we so strongly believe in this. Photos, videos, audio, it all works hand in hand to show the world, (yes the world) who you are, what you do, and the most important part, your message.

Quality is important, we have spent a long time trying to get to the standard that we want to provide for our clients, it mirrors your brand. High production value to your content is so key to the audience you create having trust in your brand and straight away tells new consumers the standard that you are at in your market.

But quantity is SO IMPORTANT uploading to social networks everyday. Telling your story EVERYDAY. It’s really that simple there isn’t much more we can say.

One video you create on your product that’s 5 minutes. Can be cut down into loads of 15 second clips that can be used on IG stories and TW/FB. The making of that video can be snapped into BTS pics to hype up what your doing, that another post. Finally that 5 minute video that has audio chatting about your product can then be made into a podcast or audio bite. From 1 video you have now got 5-6 different pieces of content that can be shared.

Content is key. We are here to make it.

Olly Fawcett

Founder/Director GTP