Content is key!!

Our business is creating content, from stills, video, audio and graphics. We do it everyday for our clients and we love it!

For us it’s about telling a story, and showcasing it to the world. With the rapid growth of social media and the internet it’s now more easy to start building a brand or tell a story than ever before.

But it’s all about the content, we so strongly believe in this. Photos, videos, audio, it all works hand in hand to show the world, (yes the world) who you are, what you do, and the most important part, your message.

Quality is important, we have spent a long time trying to get to the standard that we want to provide for our clients, it mirrors your brand. High production value to your content is so key to the audience you create having trust in your brand and straight away tells new consumers the standard that you are at in your market.

But quantity is SO IMPORTANT uploading to social networks everyday. Telling your story EVERYDAY. It’s really that simple there isn’t much more we can say.

One video you create on your product that’s 5 minutes. Can be cut down into loads of 15 second clips that can be used on IG stories and TW/FB. The making of that video can be snapped into BTS pics to hype up what your doing, that another post. Finally that 5 minute video that has audio chatting about your product can then be made into a podcast or audio bite. From 1 video you have now got 5-6 different pieces of content that can be shared.

Content is key. We are here to make it.

Olly Fawcett

Founder/Director GTP