If you’re a filmmaker of any kind, you’ll soon find a time where you need music in your video.

Maybe you’ll need a relaxed instrumental to add some texture behind someone speaking, or perhaps you want something with a strong backbeat to bring some energy to your shots.

Luckily, whatever you need, the internet usually has the answer.



If you’re not looking to spend a single penny, YouTube is usually your best bet, and the secret is knowing the key words to use in your search.

Typing in something like ‘Relaxed vlog music’ will find you hundreds of results, and due to the use of the word ‘Vlog,’ the majority will be copyright free. You can also simply type in ‘Copyright free music’ along with the genre/style you’re after.

You can either video convert into Mp3’s, or the Youtube video’s will link you to another website where you can download the free-to-use song directly.


Many users on Soundcloud produce music that is free to use via a ‘download’ option that is inbuilt in Soundcloud. There are thousands of great songs on soundcloud, so it’s definitely worth a browse.


If you’re making regular videos that require the use of music, I suggest investing in a service like Epidemic Sound. You pay a minimal subscription fee per month, and that grants you access to thousands of songs of every style and tempo to fit your work. They also have great ways to narrow your search down by the use of selecting specific key words such as ‘Epic’ or ‘Fear.’

When finding music, it almost always requires a little time and patience, but luckily we have so many options online that we can pretty much find anything we’re looking for.

Good luck!